James E. Jackson, James Jackson, and Stephanie Christmas

Recorded August 10, 2007 Archived August 10, 2007 42:55 minutes
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Physician James E. Jackson tells his children, James Jackson and Stephanie Christmas, of his work in the medical field and of the importance of attending Morehouse College for him as an illiterate young man.

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Segregation in Bainbridge, GA; a man being burned in his town at the Negro ball park: “Bainbridge was not a safe place to be...”
Growing up during segregation and going to school
James Sr.’s grandfather’s preaching and why he stopped
“Morehouse was the best thing that ever happened to me...” - James Sr.; James Jr.’s experiences at Morehouse and with Professor Richard Winstead
James Sr.’s first day at Morehouse and the box of food under his bed
James Jr.’s decision to go to Morehouse
Most important lesson learned by James Sr.: Respect


  • James E. Jackson
  • James Jackson
  • Stephanie Christmas

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