Akiba Shabazz, Naja Shabazz, and Zuri Shabazz

Recorded November 23, 2007 Archived November 23, 2007 00:00 minutes
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Akiba Shabazz talks with her daughters Naja and Zuri about her life growing up with her parents in Memphis, her marriages and travels.

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As a child she would visit family in Olive Branch, MS. A guy she was to go on a date with was killed by racist whites. The whites were never arrested or charged though authorities knew who they were.
She grew up with her parents and siblings in Memphis. Dad died 8 years ago but her mom is stil living. Both parents were very intelligent and creative. Mom met dad when she was a nightclub singer on Beale St.
She was the first in her family to graduate college. All of her children are in college or have graduated from college.
Her husband was a military man so they lived all over the world. She is a writer of plays, novels and poetry.
She beat colon cancer.


  • Akiba Shabazz
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