Emma Lou Dailey and Claire Stallworth

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Claire interviews Emma Lou about growing up in Chestnut, Alabama. Emma Lou remembers from childhood about her mother, great-grandmother and her brother, Jim.

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Emma talks about how she recieved her name.
Emma remembers Chestnut when she was a girl and walking to school.
Emma remembers a story about her first teacher, Ms. Sadie Jones.
Emma remembers Blind Man Savange, a blind man who played guitar on the train that she and her family rode on Sundays.
Emma remembers going to Riker’s store to buy groceries for the family.
Emma sings Amazing Grace.


  • Emma Lou Dailey
  • Claire Stallworth

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00:02 My name is Claire Stallworth. I am 56 years old today is February 1st 2008. I'm in Montgomery, Alabama, Alabama State University with Emma Lou Dailey and my relationship to her is friend and great admirer.

00:26 What name is Emma Lou Dailey? And I'm in I'm in Alabama, Alabama State student me fall mistake, cuz I'm just scared of being here at 8. I think it's time for me to be him and I wouldn't be here one to my friend and good old love and neighbor. I missed class stove. So I'm going to start off my conversation by saying father father in Heaven. We thank you for this great opportunity and I never have had before and I know Lord I won't have this privilege again, but thank you for letting me share this beautiful place to sell a few good about my years of yesteryear.

01:24 Do I start on? Let's start for a starter on a thank you Lord, Jesus for span me to be here even mean to be him clothes in my right mind with a potion of strength. Thank you so very much a men. Well, as I said, this is Emma, Lou Dailey and a place called Chestnut Alabama and she got pregnant and had 19, June 25th, 1920. She gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl and I can imagine you're in my mind. You're on them decide. What are we going to name this baby and I can imagine him and my mother say well, I would like to name her after me and my mom

02:16 And my mother was named Emma and her name is Lucinda Star Wars money gum rescued me and I imagine she said I would like to name her Emma after my mother and Lou with a potion to my name, which were the man Emmylou Montgomery. And that was that was June June 25th, 1922 that makes you a tea if I live to see it. Is that right? That's right. And you're your mother's name was Lucinda Montgomery Stallworth and my name was Emmylou Montgomery.

03:05 And eventually, I think I was around 17 years old when I married Moses data, but I want to talk a little about not that Alabama where I grew up and where I was raised at home. I would like to talk about dad and they're not school days when I was going trying to go to school. I didn't we didn't have but three months and I wouldn't get to go over those three months maybe January and maybe two weeks in February. I would get to go. My mama was a sharecropper as you would call it.

03:51 We had to pick up corn stalks and not cotton stove and we had to go to the new ground is it called that that would be on you feel they were getting ready for that spring and I went by the British and stuff and we would have to go and push it up and keep it burning and get that dry and ready for the pie and I didn't get to go to school at very much. But when I was trying to go I tried to put it to good news and I would pray to the Lord to help me to the liver. And please Lord help me to little and Lauren Mann how to spell my name and nothing else and that's what the other parents would tell her. Please learn how to spell your name and you know, what they would tease I'm going to tell him that if your name is up on the sign said don't go kill don't go down the road. You'll get killed you regret on down the road and get to you so you wouldn't have knowledge enough to read.

04:51 What was on the side like the Lord he let me have knowledge enough to know if my name was on the side that stop don't go down the road. You'll get killed. I would stop. Thank you Lord, Jesus. I know my name when I see it. And I know how to write it since you're riding as I do and I know how to spell it cuz you got to go to school. I got to go to school to the 5th grade. I think I was promoted today was the school over at Chestnut, Alabama Avatar mile and a half. I'm doing the best that we walked on. The quarter is where we all were born and reared in a place called the quarter. I will we would walk and that was about

05:49 That was very bitter 3M eyes, but we would walk it every morning and every evening and where was the school you were telling me where it was and Chestnut Alabama about at about I would say to my computer best and you distort there was a store that well we passed the school. This was mr. Joe daily with the owner of this store Ryan and his his nephew. Mr. JJ Watson was the postmaster post Masters and when they moved from Chestnut, mr. JJ Watts until he was the postmaster.

06:42 We have a long ways to go to get to school but we made an end as I say I got promoted to the fifth grade and it would be so sad and pitiful that night. We would be trying to start our lessons and we would put it on the other pill after we went over with so, I don't know how many times we will put it on our build a while because they said if you did that the next morning when you got up you would know your lesson. You could remember me. Well that help but we didn't completely know where and what was your teachers named after my teacher was named my first teacher I ever went to was not just plain Ole Miss Sadie Jones.

07:34 When was Sadie and her last name was Joan? But my real teacher that like me what little I mean old was Miss Sadie Mae Jones from Montgomery, Alabama this place where I am today. This was her home where she was from Montgomery, Alabama. I don't know if it was her home, but she was a good teacher.

08:02 She was pregnant she was married and she was pregnant and she was mean I thought but she was a good teacher.

08:13 I remember we reading in this third grade blue bike reading and spelling was in the back of this book.

08:24 And this particular day we have one hardwood. I thought telephone.

08:32 And none of us could get it. So I said why don't we try this page and

08:42 I am and give it a book that we can't do that. She'll know every time I paid you. I said well, why don't we erase telephone and get with the booze said don't you know, she'll know it was a wood that I said, okay. I'm going to erase it out of my boot and give them my boot to call. I was failing so I did and give it a book and she sat down and she looked at it and she'll go ahead and she says that my book was nothing she said, oh, yeah.

09:24 And I thought I was in enough trouble. I say, yes, ma'am. It was telephone.

09:29 She said okay. We going to learn it today.

09:33 Note to self. Why did you erase it so hard none of us could live in it. So we're going to learn it today. Why are we standing on stage and believe you me?

09:46 And I never will forget it telephone Aaron. Would you spell to give us a rap and boys at the end of class? Some of them had dialysis made out of string and tell me what that is again. I'll get ahold of how do you make them? Well. They used these 25 Pine plywood sides and their parents word tattoo strips off of one of those sites and time together in Taiwan in front of the pants and one Vine cross them up behind so they would the password Still Pond or what kind of what kind of clothes did you wear talk about your clothes?

10:46 What did I tell you it was just time for us to JJ Watson?

10:55 Would you give me some time some of her clothes and she was so sweet she would cut them down and talk on them and try to fix them so they would be just right for me. And sometimes they would be I would think too long but everybody my mom thought they were just right when I go back to where you lived because your mother married my great grandma and my mother on Mother's I was well, we were both in her name.

11:36 And my grandmother's great-grandmother's name was Rosy Montgomery Dailey and you called her we call a mama, right? So when you say my mama, will you talk to me about your great-grandmother? Okay Montgomery and her husband's name. That was our great granddaddy and your great-grandmother looked after you while your mother were they looked after us we were born and when my mother married and left eye she couldn't take us out of our great grandmother wouldn't let us go. She said these are my children and they can stay and hear it was me and another girl and two boys and how many of you you got to tell how many children?

12:34 Did your mother have my mother had Lemonhead she had been more after me he wanted not can you name or well, let's see the girl Rose and Mae Ruby.

12:50 Rosemary Rubin hourly chime in at 3 and Julia

12:58 And

13:01 Murray Murray and the boys gym James Island on Ally David and William

13:13 That was right and then GM and then Rose and me and I don't thank God know exactly. How do other one place but I know we three and you had to watch after them over yesterday. They were old and why I guess it was more than one or two and they all rode the wagon and she started off carrying us to figure every morning.

13:47 Animal Care in this career putting it down on the ground and the baby on it and we just sit around and watch the baby song by some means I mine got off the baby one day. We would just food and run. I doubt they trying to blackberry bushes. And when I thought about the baby I went running back and there was a black snake come in twice. And then I John from the baby went running to my mama calling and calling you better Tom young and black snake. She said I told you not to leave that pallet stay down here in trouble or we'll talk about berries tell about the going to talk about we all have a friend. Mr. Sadler his mother and his dad run.

14:47 Bolton ice and Nate Dogg and she would be glad when we would come in just a little bit and pick berries and bring them up there to her store and we would do that earlier when we got big enough to make them trips. We would do that early in the morning and take the bearers to and she would pay us do it and we would go to login to be after that money and buy groceries and we know we go eat tonight and tomorrow and where did you shop in the astral shop that mr. John a riderless stole that sometimes you catch the train and we will catch it. We got it at that particular time that evening. We called the train back to Court Aurora walk. Don't know what you was about to happen. And sometimes you catch it in time on Sunday.

15:47 Students rights and Nate Dogg and

15:52 Wanted to be grown like to grow in people's I had the flu shot. So my feet would take the flow and my momma happen to get her by Rae. She knew she had to get up and walk back there to see how we were doing and my little pizzas on the floor to round me back up on that street. So get back up on that street you not old enough to for your feet to be on the floor. You not that large if they catch him on the floor they going to put you off and also they charged you did it because I ain't got no cuz it's a few feet didn't touch the Fillmore and I also asked you about when you got on the train and how did you know where to go and coaches and the voice coach was for us to black folks to ride in and they white folks would go on through to the second coach and slide a door.

16:52 Domingo Hernandez this old blind guitar they picked up they would pick him up and feed them at all. He could pick that thing. He could pick Blues is and spirits and they would get him on that train and take him on with them. And sometimes he would come back that evening and then and then we will set up that way. He wouldn't commit. What is a man man says. He ain't coming back until May 3rd the next week they got how hard is up there? And what is a place to call Roofing? I never heard of that. Well, that was more or less like a

17:44 Psalm air show me your call. Okay. Sometime 2 weeks into gets off a building parted and they were pain and that's how I might just live and I saw that I really and what was his name? Did you really Go Blind Man Savage? That's what they called him, but he could take it and now would come back on Sunday yesterday of this was just on Sunday afternoon. We didn't have the previous pneumonia at Sunday, but this Man Savage, but sometimes they would keep him up there two weeks.

18:41 Pick and then plug in but different fathers and and judges and them X didn't have pianos like to got none. They wouldn't have him call me one time to admit. I was George Doubloon judging on mulch blues singer. You don't need to be an opportunist.

19:20 But they had him. Yes, ma'am. When we were talking about the what's your what kind of your grandmother had chickens? Are you great grandma and your mama had chicken. Everybody must have chicken. My mama had a lots of chickens and some they called Rose. I don't realize they was big old Vine red chickens and the diamond chickens with find some up and some of the white chicken but most are white chicken was gained. I'm little but they wouldn't great big chicken, but the Rhode Island Reds and they Damas Dominic's they will be chicken and my brother would be sure he won't but he got out of Jeffrey it so he can hit him with chicken out. So you better not give my mom a chicken to kill you getting up to your knees. You beat me but you ain't got killed by the chicken.

20:20 She might have chicken.

20:24 This is Jim. This is and he could shoot and he hit this particular and he would bring it to the young throw it in the gym to call her in there and go come around. It's at but he was meeting her and when she got get it it started to flood in 10 on trying to come back too. And she's his head blew. Somebody would have slain shot shot it.

21:05 And that's about it would mean cuz I don't have a slingshot. My brother said what means I don't have none either no news. I ain't got no flying shot slingshot at that somebody thought to put in your pocket and drop that. I said his gym. I told him not to chew chicken.

21:30 She's a real he won't get none of it. And you were talking about killing the hog or yes, but we would have to work the day before we killed her. We went out the total of all that trash to heat the water and get good wood to drive the Bad and the particular day when the king of the whole we had to go ahead and change they all of these and gold and check on stew peas and Rural Road. And she said you just do what I tell you when they can you lick on pay me back and you usually kill Shaquille to Hogs is in 2002 and it would take me about War I was your hotel and some of the older people I can go to but I ain't got but one.

22:25 Can I get way almost 1 and you said every week y'all would go to the meal or just a name? And what is his name? What was that? It would run the big music and when he got to the heels he would stop and get on and let us all for the album going up on the way over and he would take you and when we got up on top of the hill, he said y'all come get you going we had to take out all but he is and he can get back up there on his side.

23:15 And Ryan go down the hill and where would you have gotten the corn? Where did you get the corn way to go to the genie in the BGN but the colon would always come to the tree up. Okay. That's the hell. I'm going to feed your dog and chickens and to go to the mill and get milk and whole milk for the children and that was every way and that was Reichert smell it when they have something there. I go to Rochester Mills going home. And and what would you buy at the store when y'all went to the store and Chestnut and me and my brother to the store to buy groceries out of the time?

24:08 And I would tell him I said, you know.

24:12 She ain't got no nothing bad it I ain't going to tell her know you ain't but if you know that you're looking I can but you don't know it a semester. Jolie ain't going nowhere unless you going to tell him that I should read deserve something told me this grocery back home. And what would your groceries today? What did you have to buy? Well, I went and you got a lot of it, you know, when does 50 Cent will cause a green coffee would be a pretty good Bible and ride.

25:01 And know so that was going to buy it was in the bag in the box and we get back to boxers or solder.

25:11 A bucket of lard bucket of lard pork shoulders and that was at the store and chat open up Dan and he would one be on and we could go there on Saturday morning to trade send never would trade it. All of the Best Buy extra money was coming from for your candy. Well, we know it would trade it all up. How come you we would just get what you would tell us to get she would have it wrote on the paper or what we were going to be. Okay, but we had to get that to mr. Jody.

26:04 Cuz we gonna do it right to him and he would you know, keep going around in it. When he got the car overheat raised in it is that you're better not waste issue and we ain't got to wait and do it sometime. We had to tell her I was you again call Jeff the bags, but it it would get wet and waste so we had to have a white pill with me so we wouldn't get wet in the bag when you get wet and waist.

26:46 So everything was going good about buying this. Can we stop that that plum tree and he wanted this big old White Plum out of Gidget on my ring. Well, I didn't get to unclog I wanted you to and I beat him up here. I thought you don't want it. I don't know if he's going to be sorry you and Lord he got up that hill trying to catch me and I didn't stop until I got inside of the house and then I started walking.

27:29 She said when I got down who is Jim I said he coming home behind me mad as you can because I eat a plum and see if you can get me going to kill me in time. He got that he was so mad. He did. It didn't change. Would you just let the pissing me?

27:45 She said stop that boy if you crazy stop that is it what's the matter with you? Since you got my Plum and I told her I was going to get it you bake me doing it. Every time I tell more what you do every Saturday morning Thursday at the moment. Yes, you do.

28:12 So I rang he thought she going to beat me good for Teleton.

28:18 And she said what what you do when you're sad and lonely what what did she do?

28:24 And he drew. Is that what you do?

28:28 Nothing. She said she said you don't lie. What did you do?

28:35 Trade it in got can

28:38 Got me a bag and hub bag.

28:42 She's all right. She got up went out there to get in this week. I said ok Google pay for it. So you going to pay for it buddy. He when I go to Spring. I'm going to beat you in it when she come back and say she's out of my paper and when we go to bring she got featured me. She said when you go to Spring, you better not text. You better not put your hands on me.

29:06 Did you I did later that week I wouldn't do it that day cuz you told me not but that names we got laid the wood on him. He got up and the law of and

29:19 I had got him but now one day and got home and he today if so by and he decided he would do that. He took the chair and put it up on the table. He was smart put the tailbone the table then he got on the law.

29:36 I've done it wasn't very high. When you got up got up on the table. You could you know, getting one up in there. This is and your barn and so I am not going to do that in the gym.

30:00 Message Jenna Enough To Take My Man flow in Jaguar.

30:07 Come on back. Come on back and put that you are suggested right up there.

30:12 Stay up there. Do you need to get a recipe for down here.

30:21 Let citylife. How long did you leave him up there? I love him about 10 minutes. And I thought you were not too too well know it was born on day old man's coming out this morning that they thought I was his wife was my mama's and you had to have a baby and her husband was coming at 12 to check on her and I said he might ride by here. If I got that boy up then that long he tell my mom and I'll be sure to get the key to it. So I let him know we were time at your house with an earlier we talkin about you didn't have any electricity. Even when you got married to Mel didn't have known he was number lamp light.

31:12 And we were so glad in the moon shining night, or we could get out in the yard and be out on the porch and have fun out there but a dog night I never forget one night after I married me my home. I'm sitting up in the house and something with walking through the yard and he said was it that I'm tired eyes and you are mad and I'm a woman you want me to open the door on something going through the yard and you've got to get up and do not know and more when he got up and he come falling back in the house and I like to die Musik. What is it is it

32:01 Yoko something through the yard look like a mule with no head

32:05 I'm trying to see that.

32:08 It was a me you but it was my cousin from you and he had his head tied down to his front leg to keep him from leaving home. When he said he liked to die. Talk about go up when Rebecca.

32:40 They let me leave my home and separated eventually and I went across in the wig or Miss Claudia's Grand granddaddy is JJ Watts does not have enough gas station and Dives with book in Tallahassee to old couple of people but I didn't I didn't know them and I know it mid watching them. I told her name or nothing going back up there tonight. I'm sleeping on that card in the kitchen in your kitchen. She said that's good. That's fine. I didn't know whether you want to do that. I wanted to get I said, I'd rather do that than go up there. I don't know them and I don't want to go back.

33:35 And so this particular moment and I went to go in there for Becca's room. She said no no, no don't go in that little though. I said she don't she don't go in there. Hello. I want her company to see what Ahoskie Porsches make the bed. Don't go in there alone. Leave it just like it is

34:06 Set Lord, and then I thought well when you leave me and go to the store and then I thought know you don't tell her that she was sweet Jam in but you mean what you said and she would that might tell you look just like you would hurt it on if I didn't obey so you could have told him I said I tried to do it, but I do you know, your mom good as I do she dad me and I couldn't do it.

34:43 Well, we were we want to talk to about you said you didn't have electricity. Will you didn't have any indoor plumbing either Northern Star with no car right out house. We need something like that.

35:10 He mailed it and I was so proud of it and I would enjoy it and I took this black sub herb black drone.

35:20 At Saturday morning in Iran. I said about living 11:30 just started to cramping on me and said oh Lord Jesus, but thank you Lord, Jesus. I got some more to go and I won't have to be hooked up on the ground looking down on the ground. I goes on out to the Outhouse and get up on this evening so bad and not rubbing it down.

35:47 In the day of what was so busy. He said look up.

35:52 Oh, I looked up there no snakes crawl up there.

36:04 You know, I'm not picking the dog. Yeah, but I got out of there running. What's the matter I said, it's after jams or he got a ball and heating some water.

36:33 We do go ahead and sit up there and not think it was a big was the chicken tonight. We're almost done. But the last thing I want you to do is I want you to sing because it's it won't be you unless you've sung Amazing Grace and is it time for that? I hope I can do it.

37:04 Oh, I hope I didn't do this game. You can see how do you feel?

38:22 And we have no goddess braids.

38:54 That was beautiful there anything else that you want to say? Is there anything that you're the most proud of or how you want to be remembered that? What would you say?

39:17 Well, you know what? What I'm going to say. Is this Dad so many people younger than me don't have that mine. They don't they don't I don't know what I'm saying. But I do think Jesus at me being who I am that I can remember the things that I do remember something. I know they are not exactly like their goals then but it gives me a great pleasure to just sit sometime and sometime 9 home. I said that reminisce over and sometime I smile and sometime I laugh and then again I cry cuz I have had some tough days. I remember days men.

40:07 It was bread in our house and I remember one day. My mom said that moment you said well, I'm cooking the last minute, okay?

40:18 And I thought what did we going to do now download what is we going to do? Cuz it's the day is what the last Friday for will be able to be able to have a dad it would be able to get anything.

40:37 So

40:38 At 3:00 that evening. She would cook that bread and weed eating by 3 that English. It's at the store.

40:47 And I would said to my brother know why why would you want us to go to find the stove just at ain't nothing in the book?

40:56 And that's what we have to go wait in this room and get this moving and that's not easy and Sharon just bring it up cuz she got us to go get it.

41:07 Is a yeah, that's right. But then we better do what you said. I said what we going to do that but I said, I'm just reminiscing over. Why is she going to do it and nothing to cook and we would go on and get out of night Lord and stuff and put the other night. We went in and everything get all the boys and call bowling and bowling again and then I would leave.

41:39 In Ark survival.

41:44 4:30 or 5 she would come to your door and say y'all come get you a little piece this bread while at mon.

41:53 And we do need to talk to you said she said we did not have that when I cook you say yeah, she said I cook so heavy and one day she said I don't know what to do. But the grocer don't last as long as she could my brother Jim not going to lucu prize to eat at all.

42:23 That wasn't true was no idea what I want to do it and then I had to cook a little more to put with what I left. What's your favorite thing to cut my favorite thing to cook cornbread collard greens, you know vegetables and fried chicken and then, you know when them days and time one went somewhere. I went and stood there that look like you know, and then hot water would make that huh spelling news and they would be so clean and pretty and white and numb foot was cooked.

43:22 In that pot with that chicken and made chicken and dumplings. I'm stuck them in your toe.

43:31 We done. Okay, anything else you want to say any final words clue?

43:37 I just want to thank the Lord for giving you the mind to bring me up to you to do this. Jesus forgive enjoy the idea to do that. I've been fortunate last year and this year. I never did before in my life and you take a theater. I never been in the preacher number 33 and I tried all the way through this and you're my time is about up and here I am sitting up in a theater. God bless you and God bless.

44:37 For having the mind to bring me to this place up and Montgomery Alabama to do this talk. I ask the law to keep you in his care of a b r o o I do.

45:09 Yes, ma'am. I raised.