Great Thanksgiving Listen: Ebert Family Discuss Grandpa and Grandmas Past-"Its O.K. to back down and turn down another street."

Recorded November 28, 2016

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Id: APP263069
This Interview, recorded on November 24th, 2016, took place in Flint, Michigan at Grandpa and Grandma's house. During the recording, Isaiah Ebert interviews mainly Grandma and Grandpa Ebert, with, occasionally, Grandpa's sister joining in. Grandpa and Grandma talked about, and shared some stories of, where they were born; who and what were great influences to them throughout; and where they worked when they were younger. Throughout the conversation, many laughs are shared (along with a few cuss words), mostly coming from Grandpa's stories. At the end, around minute 41:40, Grandpa and Grandma give some advice for the younger people out there, still trying to figure life out.