Group 29: Gender Justice & The Incarcerated Adelphi University School of Social Work

Recorded April 16, 2023 Archived April 16, 2023 36:41 minutes
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As part of the Social Action Project of 2023, our group interviewed 3 Former Incarcerated Persons charged with different criminal felonies. While it is important to know that incarceration is part of our justice system, the prisons in the United States are not always the most profound, especially for people from different gender identities and cultural backgrounds. All three come from various walks of life and have shared their origins, struggles, and perseverance. Here are their stories.


  • Gifty Arhin
  • John Kim
  • Jazmine Davis
  • Lanette Reese
  • Shwana Roberts
  • Sophie Breslow
  • Colleen Checkley

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