Growing up during WWII Germany

Recorded January 9, 2019 Archived January 9, 2019 15:53 minutes
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My Oma, Trudy Chambers, and I, Keely Chambers, reflect on my Oma’s childhood in Germany as we sit together in San Diego. As a fifteen year old in California growing up in 2018 I am curious about how my Oma grew up in Germany during the late 40’s. Throughout the interview we compare and contrast her childhood vs. the childhood that my cousins and I are growing up in. We look back at how she grew up, where she lived, and her relationships with her family members. A memorable part of the interview is minute 8:21 when my Oma recalls a memory from when she was little. This memory is of the American soldiers when they came into Germany and it's the first time my grandmother has ever seen an african american. She says she doesn’t know why but she remembers this beautiful women, who was african american, holding a basket filled with flowers, this memory has stayed with her throughout the years because it was someone who she has never connected with before.


  • Trudy (Oma) Chambers

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