Haleisha Power and Jeremy Power

Recorded September 23, 2022 Archived September 23, 2022 37:32 minutes
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Spouses, Haleisha Power (43) and Jeremy Power (48), share a conversation about how Jeremy's U.S. Military service impacted their relationship and family.

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HP and JP share their favorite memories from when JP was serving in the U.S. Military.
HP and JP discuss what it means to be a military spouse.
HP describes what being a military spouse was like for her.
JP shares his perspective on his relationship with his family and career.
JP considers how military service can be used to absolve parents of familial responsibilities.
HP and JP talk about some of the people they met through the military.
HP describes how JP's military career impacted their family.
HP reflects on what she may have done if JP hadn't joined the military.
HP gives advice to other military spouses.


  • Haleisha Power
  • Jeremy Power

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Utah Museum of Contemporary Art