Hanni Stoklosa and Katherine Chon

Recorded April 15, 2021 Archived April 14, 2021 42:12 minutes
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Hanni Stoklosa [no age given] talks with her friend, Katherine Chon [no age given] about how her upbringing and faith influenced her decision to become a doctor, and how she has expanded on her role as a doctor by incorporating anti-trafficking education among her patients and through her organization, Heal Trafficking.

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TRACK 1: Hanni talks about her upbringing as the daughter of a pastor and how her faith influenced her life.
Hanni talks about going to Guatemala where she shadowed a doctor whose practice and advocacy inspired her to become a doctor.
TRACK 2: Hanni talks about her parents' involvement with advocacy now.
Hanni discusses her path to becoming a doctor and how she got involved with anti-trafficking advocacy.
Hanni recalls some of her initial research findings and the disconnect she noticed among anti-trafficking work. This led her to start Heal Trafficking, a network of professionals and survivors.
Hanni talks about the importance of health care workers understanding how to identify signs of trafficking when working with patients.
Hanni talks about using a unified framework to get all health professionals in her community updated on how to identify and treat situations of trafficking in their jobs.
Hanni discusses the difficulties of working with patients who do not want help.
Hanni talks about self care and centering humanity in her work.


  • Hanni Stoklosa
  • Katherine Chon

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