Harold Hochstatter and Don Hochstatter

Recorded July 9, 2022 Archived July 9, 2022 39:57 minutes
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Don Hochstatter (58) interviews his father, Harold Hochstatter (84), about his childhood, his experience in the U.S. Army, his political career, his family, his perspective on death, and his Christian Faith.

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HH shares what his hometown, Neppel, which is now called Moses Lake, was like when he was born.
HH talks about his family history.
HH looks back on his childhood in Moses Lake, WA.
HH describes his experience in the U.S. Army.
HH tells various stories from his early adult life.
HH discusses his political career.
HH recalls how he first met his wife, DH's mother.
HH remembers meeting DH for the first time.
HH shares his perspective on death.
HH discusses his Christian Faith.
DH describes HH.


  • Harold Hochstatter
  • Don Hochstatter

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Civic Center Auditorium

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