Harold Lewis and Matthew Knox

Recorded January 19, 2023 Archived January 19, 2023 50:15 minutes
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One Small Step partners Harold Lewis (61) and Matthew "Scott" Knox (48) share stories about their different lived experiences as a Black man growing up in the segregated South and a gay man growing up in the Northeast.

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Partners ask each other why they decided to participate in One Small Step
Scott describes growing up near Boston in a community where people didn't feel thee need to lock their doors
Harold describes growing up in Mississippi and attending segregated schools. He shares the "rules" he was taught to stay safe as an African-American. He describes becoming the first Black senior class president at a recently integrated high school, and how he received death threats from his classmate's parents because he ran on a civil rights platform.
Harold describes his earliest memories of the civil rights movement and how he grew up to become a United Methodist pastor who works in the diversity, equity, and inclusion sector.
Scott shares the saying that "the church is the original gay-straight alliance." Harold agrees and shares that he encourages other pastors to invite LGBTQ people into their congregations. He describes how he struggled when a childhood friend came out to him as a lesbian, but that now her story enables him to be an advocate and educate others.
Scott describes growing up gay, his gradual coming out process, and how he is now able to live authentically.
Both partners share their most treasured international travel experiences


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