Harriet Weber and Sally Patton

Recorded July 20, 2022 Archived July 20, 2022 39:30 minutes
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Harriet Weber (65) interviews her friend Sally Patton (76) about her childhood, her career, her family, and the quilt that has been passed down to her from the early 1820s.

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SP looks back on her childhood in Quincy, WA.
SP talks about her husband.
SP discusses her and her husband's careers.
SP describes the quilt that was passed down to her from the early 1820s.
SP explains how the quilt ended up in her family's possession.
SP remembers when she saw the quilt for the first time.
SP shares the story of how she ended up caring for the quilt.
SP discusses her own experiences with quilting.
SP describes her favorite quilts that she's made.
SP talks about her current quilting projects.
HW thanks SP.


  • Harriet Weber
  • Sally Patton

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Quincy Valley Historical Society & Museum

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