Hashim Hesham and Hosai Hesham

Recorded June 4, 2020 Archived June 3, 2020 02:38:41
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Hosai Hesham (43) speaks with her father Hashim Hesham (70) about their work as doctors treating COVID-19 patients and share memories and reflections from their life in Pakistan and Afghanistan before moving to the United States.

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Hashim and Hosai discuss their work as doctors with COVID-19 patients. Hashim expresses pride in his children all being doctors willing to help.
Hashim recalls his childhood in a village on the west side of Kabul, Afghanistan. Hashim remembers attending medical school and meeting his wife and having a family before the invasion of the Soviet Union. Hashim remembers the story of treating a freedom fighter in the hospital and helping him escape.
Hosai asks Hashim about leaving Kabul. Hashim remembers hiding in the hospital before they left. Hosai recalls not wanting to tell people her family's story in her teen years, and reflects on not feeling fear when they left Kabul, and feeling "adventure" as a child.
Hashim compares treatment in Pakistan to his current practice in Baltimore. "We used what we had, and now we use what we need." Hashim reflects on initially not wanting to go to the United States but remembers making plans after Hosai asked to go to school as a child.
Hashim remembers the adjustment of moving to Virginia with his family, and having to return to medical school and start a new career. Hosai and Hashim remember family graduations and memories from that time.
Hashim speaks about prejudice and expresses pride in completing medical school a second time. Hosai remembers Hashim once telling her he felt he hadn't accomplished anything, and they reflect on all of his accomplishments in life.


  • Hashim Hesham (b. 1949)
  • Hosai Hesham (b. 1977)

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