Hawu Juhye Lim and Yuchen Chang

Recorded June 30, 2023 Archived June 30, 2023 41:22 minutes
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Friends Hawu Juhye Lim (34) and Yuchen Chang (34) ask each other about family, home, and living in New York after leaving their places of origin.

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Juhye (J) and Yuchen (Y) ask each other how they are. J parents haven't been well, her father is sick. Had to close their business.
Y says that her parents are in good health, visiting her parents has been different because visiting China is far and expensive.
J talks about her partner and visa issues with him and why it's been difficult for him to come to the US, as he's in the middle of a #metoo case.
Y claims that in China, she feels as if they have fewer opportunities for artists now. She also talks about the complexities of the #metoo movement.
They ask each other what brought them to NY. Y studied in Chicago for grad school. Wanted exposure to new things and not just a singular culture. She felt as though China changes and used to have more artists. Talks about her first experience at a CVS and feeling amazed by it.
J never felt like she had a home, until NY where she felt her independence and sense of self blossom.
Y talks about misconception of youth and how people see it as sad to get older when it could be the happiest moment of someone's life.
Y realizes that their conversations with J have always revolved around home, difference and highlighting differences and similarities between them. Feels grateful.


  • Hawu Juhye Lim
  • Yuchen Chang

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