Heather Labbe and Dalit Guscio

Recorded June 20, 2022 Archived June 20, 2022 39:21 minutes
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Friends Heather Labbe (47) and Dalit Guscio (48) share memories and a conversation about the timeline of their friendship.

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HL and DG recall how they met.
HL and DG share a story about bear spray and how it connects to their friendship.
HL recalls a bet that DG lost.
HL and DG recall past events such as marriages, citizenship, and watching children grow up.
DG and HL talk about why they are still in Missoula, Montana.
DG and HL talk about gardening.
HL and DG talk about what they are most grateful for.


  • Heather Labbe
  • Dalit Guscio

Recording Location

Missoula Public Library