Heidi Plumb and Kale Dankenbring

Recorded November 7, 2020 Archived November 7, 2020 34:34 minutes
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Spouses Heidi Plumb (41) and Kale Dankenbring (47) recall the journey of travel and enlightenment they completed before opening a small coffee shop in Kansas.

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KD and HP discuss their origins in the coffee business.
HP and KD recall how they decided to embark on an 8 months travel trek.
KD and HP recall how traveling to India inspired them to start a coffee shop.
"It was 2011 when we started with the plans and now we're pretty much okay."- HP in summation of the process of entrepreneurship.
HP and KD discuss healthy eating and providing healthy food options.
HP and KD discuss their future plans.


  • Heidi Plumb
  • Kale Dankenbring

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