Henrietta Antoinin and Kiplyn Primus

Recorded January 14, 2023 Archived January 14, 2023 44:55 minutes
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Henrietta Antoinin (86) tells her new friend and StoryCorps facilitator Kiplyn Primus (61) about her career with Atlanta Life Insurance and her involvement in civil rights efforts.

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HA talks about her family and their musical talents.
HA shares childhood memories of experiencing racism on the bus with her grandmother.
HA talks about educational expectations and her career with Atlanta Life Insurance.
HA talks about attending Booker T. Washington High School.
HA remembers a conversation she had with Jesse Hill.
HA talks about her civil rights activism and working to register Black voters in a statewide voter registration drive.
HA remembers protesting the state election board and seeing Klu Klux Klan members that were attempting to intimidate them.
HA talks about getting her first job at Atlanta Life Insurance and the positions she filled there during her career.
HA talks about gender discrimination in the workplace.
HA talks about her involvement with the Butler Street YMCA.
HA shares advice she would like to give to others.
HA talks about the importance of calling out injustice.
HA talks about the value of representation in politics and the time she almost ran for office.


  • Henrietta Antoinin
  • Kiplyn Primus

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Atlanta History Center

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