Henry Gordon and Leslie Gordon

Recorded April 19, 2022 Archived April 19, 2022 40:23 minutes
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Leslie Gordon (57) interviews her father, Henry "Jack" Gordon (84) about his upbringing in a military family and his service in the United States Army.

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LG asks JG why he wanted to serve in the military. JG says he always admired his father and wanted to be a soldier just like him.
JG shares his mother's role in his application to West Point. He shares that shortly after his father passed away, his mother encouraged him to apply.
JG talks about his military service. He served in Germany and did two tours in Vietnam.
LG asks JG what makes a good officer. JG says that embracing responsibility and being comfortable to question orders makes a good officer.
JG shares role models and key figures from his time in the Army. He highlights how they all were kind-hearted, detail-oriented, and great leaders.
LG asks JG what he wished civilians knew about military service. JG says he want the public to know that people who enlist want the best for their country.


  • Henry Gordon
  • Leslie Gordon

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