Her legacy, last lesson & our final collaboration: Rachel reflects on her life as an educator

Recorded February 27, 2020 Archived February 27, 2020 13:09 minutes
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Rachel and Takeru are close friends, colleagues, and teach high school English class. When Rachel was diagnosed with her third bout of cancer, they sat down together to reflect on her journey as a teacher, from how she came into the classroom to her tough but loving approach with her students. Rachel passed away on January 2020.

[0:00-2:20]: Introduction

[2:20-6:05]: From self-doubt to confidence
- "She told me I was stupid...so I decided not to apply to college." (2:20-4:24)
- "After the first day, I knew I was supposed to be teaching" (4:24-4:50)
- Becoming your own person and tell yourself that you can (4:50-6:05)

[6:05-8:52]: How Rachel and Takeru met
- My first impression of you...cocky (6:05-6:50)
- Our big fight in front of our colleagues: "You called me out!" (6:50-8:52)

[8:55-11:21]: My reputation: tough or tough love?
- "How many of you are upset that I'm your teacher?" (8:55-9:42)
- Lots of love in yearbooks (9:42-10:12)
- The influence of a good teacher will never be erased (10:12-11:21)

[11:22-13:09]: Life-long learner & life-long impacts


  • Rachel Jupin
  • Takeru Nagayoshi

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