HERE COMES THE BLOOD, in which Linden Waldorf alum Christopher Coburn tells how he came to write and record a song for 7th grade Physiology.

Recorded June 28, 2019 Archived June 28, 2019 19:33 minutes
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"Deoxygenated, accumulated blood running to the heart . . . ."

Why and how is a song about the cardiovascular system created, recorded, and produced by a 7th grade student for a Physiology block? This interview with class teacher Catie Johnson of Linden Waldorf School of Nashville and alumnus Christopher Coburn (LWS 2015) gives the backstory. As to Mrs. Johnson's encouragement that he tie his passion for creating music to learning about the human body in 7th grade, the now 18-year-old Christopher says, "Linden has given me the closest to what I could ever have hoped my education to be."


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