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Recorded December 3, 2018 Archived December 3, 2018 06:00 minutes
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14 year old Chris Durant interviewed his aunt, Dinora Durant on her early years in Honduras and then some of her life in Brooklyn, New York. When I asked Dinora what she did in her summers she told Chris about how they did not have any phones or a real/fast way to communicate so everyone knew when it was time to meet up just go to the beach, and when they were at the beach she told me a story about this group of people that would climb up a cocnut tree just to get you one listen in on 3:03. She tells us about her teenage years in the 70’s when she lived in Brooklyn. She also talks about the multiple trips she would take from school back to home because in Honduras schools didn't feed you hot meals so you would make multiple trips from school back to home when it was around lunch time. She tells us that her life in Honduras was very enjoyable and if she could she would go back to those days.


  • Christopher Durant
  • Dinora Durant

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