Hortense Pinedo, Debra Erven, and Danielle Seaberg

Recorded March 9, 2020 Archived March 9, 2020 34:29 minutes
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Hortense Pinedo (84) talks with her daughter Debra Erven (63) and granddaughter Danielle Seaberg (40) about her life growing up in Pinedale, California, working on a farm and later in a variety store. She talks about how she met her husband and how they started a hair salon together.

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HP talks about her upbringing in Pinedale, California.
HP shares memories from working on the farm while growing up. She remembers which crops she enjoyed picking and which ones she did not.
HP remembers meeting her husband while she was working at a variety store.
HP tells a story of a woman being racist towards her at her job at the variety store.
HP talks about the house she lives in.
HP recalls how she became a cosmetologist.
HP talks about starting a hair salon with her husband.
HP shares her hopes for her family and talks about some of her family's traditions, like making tamales together.


  • Debra Erven (b. 1956)
  • Danielle Seaberg (b. 1979)
  • Hortense Pinedo (b. 1935)

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