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Rajaram is a driver by profession. He is very happy and contented with what he earns and spends as much time as possible in spiritual reading. He has a positive attitude towards life and understands the karma theory. His positivity is contagious and causes a ripple effect with anybody who gets to know him well.

Transcript of Interview with Rajaram

Q. Namaste Rajaram ji , How are you doing ?

A. Fine Sir Thank you

Q. Heard a lot about you and wanted to speak to you. May we speak?

A. Certainly. I had taken the family to Shirdi via ISKCON and Saputara

Q. Do you stay in Mumbai ?

A. Yes I do. Upto 10th I studied in our village and then came to Mumbai. I was driving an autorickshaw for a few years before learning car driving and becoming a driver and I have been a driver ever since.

Q. I understand you have become spiritual ?

A. Yes I have been smitten by Ishwar Bhakthi (devotion to the divine)

Q. Since When ?

A. Last 5 -6 years. I keep meeting so many people. Some of them inspired me. I was also exposed to Ramayana and Vishnupuran in my village. I also read our Jnaneswari (Sant Jnaneswar commentary on the Gita) in the way I understood. Reflecting on my interaction with different people and my own reading, I felt that I can’t depend on anybody except Bhagwan*.

* the divine power comprising of Shri(glory),Bala(Strength),Yasha(fame), Jnana(knowledge) and Vairagya(Detachment) among other attributes. This power is both male and female but for uniformity male is used in the transcription and can be substituted with female also.
People are busy with their own lives and have their own agenda. Therefore, Bhagwan is the only refuge. Hold him dearly, he will take care of everything. Lots of thoughts cross my mind and when I am at cross roads , I try not to be distracted and come back to my trust in Bhagwan to show me the right way to take which will be good for me. I get different kinds of thoughts and meet different kinds of people at every turn. I feel happy when I meet good people.

Q. How do you make time?

A. I make time when I get a break from my driving. Once I was in Konkan in a jungle area. Sitting alone in a silent place, I feel like reading my book and I know that I am getting something out of it.

Q. Have you ever felt that Bhagwan is with you ?

A. So many times !! You know sometimes I feel so sleepy when I am driving and may have even dozed off at the wheel, Bhagwan takes over the driving and after a while I realise I had dozed off. It’s his way of telling me that I took over for a while and now it’s back to you. Even when I have had shortage of money, somehow he takes care and helps me get over the problem.

Q. Who all are there in your family?

A. Wife and two kids. Kids are studying in school, and live in my village. Can’t afford to have them with me in Mumbai since it’s very expensive. I send them 8 – 10 thousand rupees every month to take care of the education and their expenses.

Q. How are you able to manage your house expenses ?

A. The guy upstairs ( meaning Bhagwan) takes care of it. I have no problem for two square meals. Even if I have to manage with one meal sometimes so be it. Everything is his will. I don’t borrow and live a contented life.

Q. Do you have a Guru ?

A. No I don’t . Once I went to a place Gondhuli where the guru maharaj saw a movie in my vehicle on Bramha, Vishnu and Maheshwara for the first time and invited me to his place gave me a book with 365 pages on how to live life and I read one page every day.

Q. Is your wife spiritual too ?

A. Yes she is.
I don’t eat meat and have never. My parents ate. They were uneducated. I became better informed after coming to Mumbai.

Q. Do you tell others about your spirituality ?

A. Yes I do. Some understand and want to be close to the divine. There are people I come across who are seeking the divine.

Q. Nowadays there are a lot of wrong type of people around. You must be coming across such people also ?

A. Yes. Everybody comes with their Karma. They have to discharge their Karma. There was this Sadhu who used to live on Bhiksha(alms). He happened to visit a house on his round of seeking bhiksha. The lady in the house invited him inside but he said he would rather receive his bhiksha outside. She didn’t like it and said that if he doesn’t step inside she would scream and let everybody in the village know that he molested her and she did the same thing. The villagers caught hold of the Sadhu and cut his hands off. Raising the stumps of his hands, he beseeched the divine seeking to know what he had done to meet this unjust fate. The divine immediately reminded him of his previous birth when the same lady was a cow and how he had prevented the cow from escaping and handed her to the butcher. So what happened was Karmic.
Rama went on exile for 14 years – He was a king still he had to discharge Karma
Our life is also like that and whatever is in our karma will happen. You should tell your mind to accept and not waver. Our mind gets distracted and you should keep mind in control.

Q. Are you saying that one who has controlled his mind has achieved everything ?

A. Yes but one has to climb several flights of stairs to reach that state. As one climbs higher and higher one starts to receive the divine power like getting a degree after going through 1-2-3-4-5 classes and so on.

Q. Do you meditate while doing Pooja rituals at home ?

A. Pooja rituals happen at home but meditation or rather awareness should always be there in whatever you do. Whatever you do, do it diligently.

Q. When you meditate, have you seen or observed anything ?

A. See this divine power is like electricity in a wire. You can’t see it. You see only a piece of aluminium wire. You will feel the power only when you touch the wire or join two wires and light up a lamp. One who surrenders completely with a pure heart will receive that power. Without complete surrender it is not possible. We are all stuck in this web of Maya. Even after we get out of this web of Maya by complete surrender to the divine, we still need to discharge our duties to our family and society diligently.

Q. Have you never asked Bhagwan for anything ?

A. Bhagwan himself will give me what I deserve. I cry every time I listen to the song on the friendship between Sudama and Krishna. They studied together at the ashram. Sudama was proud of his friend Krishna and would constantly tell his family about his friendship with Krishna. Even though Sudama’s wife sent him to ask Krishna for help to tide over their grinding poverty, he didn’t ask anything, he just shared the pounded rice he carried with him and when he came back he found his house had become like Krishna’s house in Dwaraka. That’s the power of Bhagwan. He can do anything for you.

Q. Now we have this Kaliyuga where all sorts of evil is happening. Why is Bhagwan not ending it?

A. Bhagwan will forgive a 100 mistakes. There is no forgiveness for the 101st mistake and that’s when there is no chance of anybody being forgiven and the end will happen certainly.

Q. What are your kids doing ?

A. My kids are studying at Mohul Taluka in Solapur Dist in the 11th class. My village is Rovanchy

Q. Are your kids spiritual like you ?

A. Yes children believe in Bhagwan. One of them is a Hanuman Bhakth. My wife also does Hanuman Puja. They follow their path and I follow mine.

Q. In the course of your work you must be coming across many people some genuine people too ? Do you speak to them about your spirituality ?

A. Yes I come across both genuine people and bad people. We talk of so many things sometimes it is of Bhagwan, sometimes it is politics or nature whatever. Like five fingers on one hand all are different.

Q. Don’t you think a driver’s profession is a good one ? Krishna was also Arjuna’s driver ?

A. Yes, yes that’s true

Q. What should I do so that I can reach Bhagwan ?

A. Earning money and working everybody does as per their Karma. Whether my earning is Rs.10,000 and your earning is Rs.1,00,000, everything is his gift. There should be no arrogance in wealth and no shame in poverty.

Q. But money isn’t everything. It doesn’t guarantee happiness ?

A. Importance of money depends on the people and their needs. Take the example of a hospital. I might go to a Municipal hospital if I am sick while somebody who is rich might go to a big hospital. It is good to do charity. Provide clothes to the ones that don’t have, provide food to the ones that are hungry. All these are utility of money. Man does as per what his mind decides. If man controls his mind he can put money to good use. Just like knowledge, I learn from you and you learn from me. It’s mutual.
Just came across some Maharashtra news regarding Shashikant Dhotre*. He is a world renowned artist and used to study in my school. He came from a poor family of stone cutters. He was very good at drawing. He had Bhagwan’s grace and blessings. Today he moves around in a BMW. Bhagwan does everything. I was very happy to see the progress of a person from my village.

Web link: *

Q. Shouldn’t we ask Bhagwan for anything ?

A. Only Sukh and Shanti ( Happiness and Peace). Everything gets included in it. Never ask for money, bungalow, etc. Even when I go to a temple, I ask for only Sukh and Shanti.

Q. Do you go to Shirdi often ? I went there last year and really liked the place.

A. Is that so ? I go to Shirdi regularly. There is one thing about Shirdi. Even if you have no plans of going there, Baba will pull you there. It has happened to so many people. All these evolved people are an expression of Bhagwan only. They are people who have climbed a lot of stairs and acquired Bhagwan’s power. They come down and take birth in a human body and become Baba’s, Sadhus to guide us.

The child that is born crying gets a name. The name is for the body only. What’s inside is the “paramatma”, the child grows up and passes through adulthood and old age and dies. When he dies, people say he is gone. What is gone? The name is gone. The “Sukshma gyan/sharira” or the subtle body remains to be born again in another body. There is a competition among the subtle bodies to take birth in the appropriate forms based on their “punya” good deeds.

When there are 3 brothers, 1 may be different from the other two. Based on destiny he is born into that family. Whatever may be our fate, we all have to climb the stairs and “Ishwar Shakti” is all about climbing stairs. Bhagwan is always with you even after the body goes. The body is use and throw like a Bhelpuri container.

Q. Isn’t the body ultimately going to become one with the earth?

A. Yes. The physical body made out of the pancha tatvas ( 5 elements) goes back to earth and disintegrates but not the subtle body which is based on Karma.
Take my case. I have two older brothers who were squabbling with me on my land. I told them to give me that piece of land that both don’t want. After that there has been no problem between us. In every house even if there is one person having that “Jnana” (Wisdom) then he can change the entire house. If there are 4 people and 2 rotis and even if 1 person is extremely hungry and has wisdom he will think and offer 1 roti at least to the others and then eat the other.

Q. You were saying something about the Shivaji book that you read. What is that book ?

A. That book is “Das bodh” written by Samarth Ramdas, Shivaji’s Guru. It was given to me by Gondhuli Maharaj. It has 365 pages and I read one page each day. Today is 10th June 2018, I read today’s page. It has life instructions and as one keeps reading it regularly one starts understanding oneself. Even the illiterate person can understand Das bodh if explained to them.

Q. Doesn’t your wife object to your spirituality always ? You may be neglecting your work also sometimes ?

A. No, she doesn’t mind at all and most of the time she doesn’t even know about my spiritual pursuit. I love being in a forest all by myself under a tree or in my vehicle listening to the birds and reading my book.

Q. Will you come sometime and visit me? I live in Punjab near Chandigarh

A. Oh Chandigarh near Patiala. If Bhagwan wishes I shall surely come and meet you. It is all his connection like speaking to you now on phone. It is his wish !!

Q. Very happy that you could spare your time and speak to us..

A. You know it is all about “Jeevan Sukhi” – Blissful life ! You should not have any tension. If you develop the power “Ishwar Shakthi” it will drive all the tension far away.

Q. If everybody starts thinking like you, everybody will be “sukhi” and all problems will disappear from this world..

A. True. When I see someone sad I feel for him but you know he is sad because of his karma. There are the lame and the blind and people with all sorts of disabilities. They are so miserable because of their current problems, but if they think of Bhagwan slowly they will develop the power to accept their situation which is due to past karma.

Q. If you do good karma, then there is no rebirth at all. Isn’t it ?

A. Not so easy. There are so many flights of stairs to climb before you reach that state. As you finish climbing one flight of stairs you will encounter the next flight of stairs. You can look down and see how much you have climbed.

Q. Well you seem to have climbed so many stairs ?

A. No..No I never think like that, I think I am an ignorant person on the first step. If I start thinking that I have climbed high then it becomes arrogance and I don’t want arrogance. I want to be like a child and seek forgiveness from Bhagwan for my mistakes. Bhagwan also keeps forgiving if you do that like parents who think that their wayward children will come on to the right path sooner or later.

Q. Dhanyavad. Thanks it was a pleasure speaking to you.

A. Dhanyavad to you also. I will pray for the well-being and happiness of you and your family!


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