How To: Manage Your Time Effectively

Recorded June 23, 2018 Archived June 23, 2018 00:28 minutes
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A skill which each individual would love to possess would be the ability to manage their time adequately. However, in this fast-paced and technology-laden lifestyle, it becomes relatively difficult or rather impossible to get a hold of your time. Time becomes more like sand, which slowly slips away leaving behind only remnants of its being. Nevertheless, what should be focused on and what should be taken into consideration is the fact that time managed well can yield several beneficial outcomes for individuals, as said, truly time is money. Therefore, pupils must always strive to organise and systemise their time in a manner which can increase their productivity and efficiency. With that said, if students somehow are unable to accumulate their necessary recourses to create essay writing pieces, then they should practise due diligence and should make use of an Essay Writing Service. An academic writing help can take the student’s work pressure on their shoulders, by delegating work to their professional and expert personnel, who are equipped with years of relevant writing experience.
Procrastination: Steeped in a lethargic delirium or lazing away when pressing tasks have to be completed, is the perfect depiction of what essentially is the state of the mind of a university-going student. Most students tend to procrastinate and delay their work; this attitude typically culminates in demanding more effort and more energy from the student itself. Hence, what is essential is that students must start their work on time which will allow them to finish their work on time, this leads to reduced stress and an increased availability of time due to having utilised your time in an efficient manner.
Organisation: The importance of organising your time and tasks cannot be stressed enough. Students must make it a point to streamline and schedule their tasks by creating to-do lists, where they can specify the order in which the work has to be completed. Moreover, time limits can be set for each task and these to-do lists can be stuck on activity or study boards, allowing the work to stay in sight of the student, making it less likely to stay incomplete.
Distractions: One of the biggest problems that can wreak havoc is disturbances. It could be a noisy surrounding or a constantly buzzing phone, which can cause the thought process chain for a student to break. On that account, this essentially signifies how vital it is to create an environment around your workstation, where there are no possibilities of distractions, such as creating a ‘no-cell phone’ or ‘no- social media’ policy, as constant notifications from your social media accounts can cause your attention to meander.
Determination: There is no point in creating a schedule, to-do lists or canceling out distractions if you are not going to religiously follow the roadmap you have set out for yourself. It is necessary to follow your planned idea with a devout willpower, as only complete determination will empower you to succeed in plans curated by you. Therefore, to manage your time properly set your mind on a particular strategy and follow through on it with complete commitment.


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