Huiying Chan and Tara Smith

Recorded March 7, 2020 Archived March 7, 2020 35:50 minutes
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Huiying B. Chan (25) talks with their friend Tara Mei Smith [no age given] about home, family history, and remembering for their future generations.

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HBC reflects on home, feeling at home in Chinatown, learning about their family history, and the impact of the perpetual foreigner myth on their idea of home and belonging.
HBC talks about being part of an arc of ancestors and how their ancestry of organizers is supporting their organizing efforts today.
HBC discusses the anti-Asian racism happening now and in the past.
TMS reflects on growing up in the Carolinas, learning about their family history, living in the legacy of their grandfather and Chinese Americans in the South, and creating their own Chinese-American identity for future generations.
HBC discusses learning about their great-grandfather in relation to American history and the future of an American society that is not hyper-racial. TMS and HBC discuss phenotypical (racial) vs. cultural belonging and cultural lineage and traditions.
TMS talks about the first Chinatown in Newark and the traditions of pre-Cultural Revolution Chinese Americans. HBC and TMS reflect on recreating traditions today in Chinatown and re-remembering and belonging.
HBC and TMS imagine vehicles for remembering and sharing their traditions, knowing, and belonging.


  • Huiying Chan
  • Tara Smith

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Lower Manhattan StoryBooth

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