Hurl Taylor and Leanora Mims

Recorded September 10, 2023 Archived September 10, 2023 43:18 minutes
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Dr. Hurl Taylor (85) speaks with mentee Leanora Mims (63) about his experience as a Vietnam veteran. They discuss Dr. Taylor's time in the Green Berets, his life and work post military, and how he has supported Leanora's own endeavors.

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H recalls his time in Vietnam as a member of the Green Berets and their various civic action projects.
H speaks about being interviewed for the book 'The Doom Pussy.'
H explains how he stayed connected to home through cassette tapes.
H talks about his time at Hampton Institute and doing ROTC.
L talks about H helping her obtain the highest level of honor a citizen can receive.
H recalls a mouse coming into his tent in Vietnam.
H remembers returning to the US after his 2 Vietnam tours.
H shares how his service changed him, teaching him the value of humor across cultures.
H speaks about how he first met L.
H recounts some of L's favorite stories including his experience meeting Sandra Day O'Connor and watching baseball player Hank Aaron break Babe Ruth’s record.
L speaks about being a 5th-generation quilter and making a narrative quilt for H.


  • Hurl Taylor
  • Leanora Mims

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