"I ask a question that can connect what I'm doing with research in the past or planned for the future." an interview with Nathan Kurtz

Recorded July 5, 2019 Archived July 5, 2019 23:46 minutes
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The potential downside of a career in always seeking discoveries is that it may stunt the development of your confidence. Even as someone who walked into NASA, living the dream in his mind, Nathan Kurtz experiences that downside, politely calling his colleagues Dr this and Dr that even when they tell him “Just call me Dave”. Now, as a member of the IceSat2 team, he still faces difficult learning hurdles in his own work: finding practicality in every piece of work, balancing feedback/critiques to scientists he works with, reassure the other person this is not an attack, just a simple critique about future directions. His favorite advice to PhD students now, with the benefit of hindsight, is don't be afraid to study something just because it is interesting to you. (Recorded 14 December 2018)


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