“I don’t let my past define me, and I really love that you have stuck with me through all of these years.”

Recorded July 13, 2018 Archived July 13, 2018 04:06 minutes
Id: APP511423


Our interview is about Gabby, a former foster child and her adoptive mother Karla. In the interview, the two of them talk about the beginning of their life together which includes heartfelt sentiments, life-changing moments, and memories of a unique camp for foster children that changed the trajectory of Gabby's life. The interview mentions the organization that holds these nation-wide camps for foster children because it was significant to Gabby's life, however, the conversation is focused on the relationship between Karla and Gabby and all of the elements that have made her (Gabby) who she is today.


  • Alayna LaPrade
  • Karla Leathers
  • Maryann Rousseau

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