I Never Saw a Banana: And Other Stories About World War ll

Recorded December 3, 2018 Archived December 3, 2018 18:40 minutes
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In a both scary and touching interview, 15-year old Milo Silverstein sits down with his British Nana, Keitha Silverstein, and hears all about her childhood growing up outside of London in the 1940’s during World War ll. Keitha paints a detailed picture of her daily life and the struggles that she and her family faced throughout the war. Her frightening stories have touches of humor like in the fifteenth minute when she was hiding under the dinner table while listening to the bombs drop outside, and her mother covering her guests rear end with a metal pot. Milo also learns that Keitha fears the rise of another Hitler which she sadly believes is very possible today, in 2018.


  • Keitha Silverstein
  • Milo Silverstein

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