"I got a little periodic table wallet card. So, I really am a card-carrying chemist." an interview with Jack Kaye

Recorded February 6, 2019 Archived February 6, 2019 19:27 minutes
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Jack Kaye, associate director for research at NASA's Earth Science Division, discuss his origins as a chemist and earth scientist, and how he was recruited to Goddard to be a chemist among meteorologists.

"My boss would advertise me as his card-carrying chemist, so I … got a little periodic table wallet card. I could whip out the periodic table and say, 'I really am a card-carrying chemist!"

He also discussed the joys of working at NASA, an "end to end" organization, meaning that NASA gets to do everything from developing new technology to launching the instruments to analyzing their data, and the pleasures of being a program officer who can help launch the careers of promising young scientists. (Recorded 11 December 2018)


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