"I think everyone has those what if moments especially when you lose someone."

Recorded December 10, 2018 Archived December 10, 2018 02:35 minutes
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Me: “Hi, my name’s Anthony Rapisardi, I’m a student at Stockton University and today, I’ll be interviewing my mom where her sister died in 2008 from an accidental drug overdose. So mom, did you or anyone else in your family see them misuse drugs?” Adrianne: “I didn’t actually see her take the medication, but I did see the effects that the medication had on her. It was very obvious when she was on something. But I didn’t actually see her doing it, i don’t know if anyone else in my family actually her do these things, but it was very apparent when she was on something.” Me: “Was there anyone who helped you deal with the situation?” Adrianne: “There were a lot of people, you know like I said, when all of this was going down, I was living in New Jersey and she was living in North Carolina. So, a lot of times I would send my friends over to check on her. Everyone knew there was a problem and we all wanted to help her but she wasn’t interested of helping herself at one point. I think everyone has those what if moments especially when you lose someone. there were times, that I really struggled with the fact that I had call the sheriff’s deputy on her. I knew that she was incredibly angry with me, but I also knew in that timeframe that she was safe her children were safe.” Me: “Is there anything you wish would have said to them?” Adrianne: “You always hope that they knew that you love them despite anything what was going on in their lives. It’s hard I can’t say to understand her struggle or what she was going through, but it has me made more compassionate for people who do have addiction problems. It kinda seemed inevitable were things were going. She was doctor shopping, which means that when she wasn’t getting the effects of what she wanted. She was going to different doctors and describing symptoms to the doctors so she can get a certain type of medication. I guess at that point, you know we were just heading towards disaster. you know like I said, Aunt Lisa passed away; but I just wished that I told her I loved her.” Me: “Alright, thank you very much.” Adrianne: “You’re welcome.”


  • Adrianne Nichols