"I was brought up to be resilient to different environments"

Recorded November 26, 2017 Archived November 26, 2017 05:19 minutes
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Everyone has an "origin story" of how and where they began. I interviewed my mother, Pamela Leung about her early life and the experiences that influenced her to become the loving and caring mother she is today. This interview chronicles the many different aspects of her life that shaped her identity. When Pamela Leung first immigrated to America, it was during the late 1900's. She described a life with many adversities. She overcame these hardships through hard work and perseverance, shaping her to become the resilient person she is today. She hopes to inform the world of the hardships immigrants faced, spreading her own experience in hopes of guiding new immigrants, to set them on the right path.


  • Brandon Chang
  • Pamela Leung

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