“If I die in a combat zone, just put me in a box and send me home.”

Recorded January 22, 2020 Archived January 22, 2020 14:56 minutes
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Have you ever wondered what being in a war was like? On December 19, 2019, 15-year-old Jack Goetz sits down with his 87 year old grandpa Bill Parker in the wonderful city of Beckley, West Virginia to talk about his experience in the Korean War. Although war can be traumatizing, Bill explains how it was a pleasant experience. Bill looks at the war as an experience and a way to get to know people. Bill says that he saw how the people of the towns he was going through were suffering. In minute eight, Bill states a time of giving a little girl some food that she was barely strong enough to push the carton.


  • Bill Parker
  • Jack Goetz

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