The bar was all there was. The only place we could meet – like Stonewall Inn – that was what we had.

Recorded July 9, 2019 Archived July 9, 2019 47:23 minutes
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(This interview contains strong language and brief descriptions of sexual acts.)
From a young age, Randy Moulder was a victim of sexual abuse and exploitation by neighbors, family members, and his school principal. As a teen, he ran away from home in Mabank, TX to live with his aunt in Dallas and came to realize he was gay. At seventeen in 1979, a work colleague helped to ‘bring him out’ and introduced him to the gay bar scene, which became his home away from home (including JR's Bar & Grill and the Round-Up Saloon). As a highly-attractive young gay man, he quickly fit in, found problems with drugs, sex, and prostitution. When he prostituted in front of Dallas City Hall, he was fearless and had a life-changing encounter with a client. Randy shares how he survived violence against gays when police sought out men to arrest for violation of sodomy laws and bigots committed horrific murders of gay men, like Randy’s friend Arthur. Later, Randy married a woman and lived a double life. He chronicles his journey through his divorce, suicide attempts and therapy to find peace and acceptance of himself. He also compares the camaraderie and brotherhood he experienced in the gay community during the 70s to the isolation he feels today as a 56-year-old man in a very different kind of gay culture.


  • Brad Campbell
  • Randy Moulder
  • Sara Hebert