"If you can't test it, it's not really science." an interview with Ross Stein

Recorded July 9, 2019 Archived July 9, 2019 43:56 minutes
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Ross Stein is CEO and Co-Founder of Temblor, Inc., Adjunct Professor at Stanford University, a scientist at the Unites States Geological Survey, creator of films about earthquake science, and president of the AGU’s tectonic physics section. In this interview, Margarete Ann Jadamec of the University of Buffalo asks Ross about the history of earthquake research, and especially the pioneering work of Harry Fielding Reid, who first understood that the earth’s mantle was moving underneath the crust. Reid’s research was integral in establishing plate tectonics, which also provides key insights into earthquake forecasting. Why do earthquakes happen when they do? How much are the faults moving each year? What are the signs we can measure before and after earthquakes take place? How can we build better buildings to keep more people safe? “Measure the strains of the faults and we’ll know where the earthquakes will be.” Ross helps make data of earthquake research widely available. “Earthquakes are rare and we tend to forget them, yet the threat is real.” (Recorded 13 December 2018)


  • Ross Stein
  • Margarete Jadamec

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