"We stand on the shoulders of giants." an interview with Alan Gorchov Negron and Colten Peterson

Recorded January 10, 2019 Archived January 10, 2019 18:41 minutes
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Alan Gorchov Negron and Colten Petersen, University of Michigan, share their stories of becoming scientists, and their hopes for their continued research and involvement in geosciences. What is the role of an earth scientist? What is the role of climate models? Is it better to act on the information the models currently give us or work to make better models before acting? Are regional-scale projections helpful, or too narrow to be useful? How can science be more widely disseminated to the public? Listen in as these young scientists share their observations for how science can reach more people and make more of an impact. (Recorded 10 December 2018)


  • Alan Gorchov Negron
  • Colten Perterson
  • Ilan Glazer
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