Immigration change throughout the years

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We talk about her experience and issues regarding immigration now and immigration during the '90s when my aunt first got here.

Q: when first arriving what did you think that you would stay in this new country for a while and earn money or return to Mexico after awhile?
A: Didn't think of the time I would stay just thought of my family and that gave me the motivation to work harder to be able to help out my parents back home by fixing their homes and being able to afford things for my siblings.
Q: How do you feel with this new political approach towards immigration and do you feel they are handling it?
A: I think that there is racism towards Latin Americans yet there are those that try to actually do something about it and help immigrants. However, with the approach they are taking now it's unreasonable due to these families trying to come for a better life yet they rip apart children from families. As a parent, I would find it horrible to have to experience something like this. Which is one of my fears as a parent I wouldn't like to experience having my children be separated from me as well I feel that people have a fear nowadays such as they live in caution afraid they may be next taken away from their family and forced to be sent back to their native country.
Q: Did you know NY was a sanctuary state and when first arriving in the '90s were you concerned with immigration?
A: Actually no just recently I was informed but I believe sanctuary states are a blessing due to more information being given about immigration to people. I know there aren't many but to those that live in a sanctuary state, I believe we should use it to our advantage and inform ourselves about laws and try to get our documents through lawyers. I was concerned more with like border patrol when first arriving because I had come a long way. Immigration wasn't really as serious as now back then that I experienced.
Q: Do you feel that the media as in for like news stations and so portray this image of certain immigrants like Mexicans which cause fear among citizens? And do you feel certain immigrants are treated better or worse than others?
A: I feel like they do such as us if it happens that a Mexican man or woman happens to commit a crime then they suddenly blame it on all Mexicans and portray Mexicans immigrants as a danger to society that smuggles drugs and robs. Which I feel isn't fair because I may not be a legal citizen but I work, I pay my taxes and im a respectful person who came here to better myself and family not to be portrayed righ away to be linked with druglords or just drugs. I personally haven't experienced diffrent treatment from others just because I'm an immigrant I believe that you aren't treated differently due to skin tone or ethnicity but then there actually are places where you are degraded because of how you dress or tattoos.
Q: Would you suggest for people that are thinking about immigrating to US?
A: I would suggest to come first with a Visa see if you like it then start the process of getting documents which will make your life way easier than living in fear.
Q: Did you or any other family member face racism in the 90's?
A: I honestly thank god I haven't experienced anything like that because it would be the worst thing ever after working hard and working in jobs people dont want. Not that I know any family member has experienced any racism back then.
A: Do you feel the government is taking extreme action regarding the topic of immigration?
A: yes, in the 90's I wouldn't have to deal with any fear as much as today. I especially believe since president Trump won the elections he started this sorta revival in racism. As in for now people are more racist in other states. With someone in such high position like trump now white racist people feel it's ok to be really racist. They I believe have not much fear because if someone like the president makes certain comments about certain groups of people that motivates and empowers people to say something too that is harmful.
Q: do you feel it's ok for the caravans to come in to other countrys and demand


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