Immigration Stories Italy: Damman

Recorded September 16, 2018 Archived September 16, 2018 34:42 minutes
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Damman is the youngest of the asylum seekers I interviewed at Villa Barbiero Centro Accoglienza Immigrati. While it is always a struggle to cross Northern Africa to get to Libya, Damman had a few strokes of luck along the way. Ultimately Damman reached Libya, but found himself in the locked in a precinct where he acquired an infection. One stroke of luck was when an Arab man came to retrieve a group of friends from the precinct he noticed Damman had a terrible infection, he decided to also get Damman out of the jail. The man helped him find work to raise the money to get on the boat into the sea. After being rescued by a ship in the Mediterranean Sea​ he was taken to Sicily and then on to Villa Barbiero. Still with an infection, Damman was getting more and more ill, but was lucky he was under the care of Villa Barbiero. He was able to receive the care his leg needed, and received a positive from the commission to stay in the country.


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