Immigration Stories Italy: Lamin Tamba

Recorded September 16, 2018 Archived September 16, 2018 27:21 minutes
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Lamin Tamba, who goes by Lamin, and in our interview he shares horrific details of his journey from Senegal to Libya and then ultimately pushed onto a boat into the Mediterranean Sea in complete darkness, hoping he makes it safely to the middle of the sea path of a ship that will rescue him and the other 70+ people on the boat. All for the prospect of living a safe and better life in Italy.
Lamin speaks 5 languages and is learning a 6th. At the Villa Barbiero Center he is learning Italian from his mentor, Yavette Shupe. Lamin tells us how he spends most of his free time teaching himself computer coding (in Italian which he has juts learned), and studying to become a cultural mediator. A cultural mediator that could help future refugees coming to Italy as they navigate the asylum seeker process.
Lamin tells us how in detail the atrocities of his journey. Lamin's story is shocking how much he has survived being beaten, traveling 8 days through the desert, stepping onto a boat lined with 70+ men cradled front to back in a boat no larger than 50 feet long, searching in the darkness for a ship to cross their path. But his story is not the only one. Lamin has his life, he is safely in Villa Barbiero Centro Accoglienza Immigrati, and by all accounts he is doing everything within his power to become an asset to his new country, Italy. Lamin is on his way. All he needs are his documents, people to stand for him, and for the commission to give him a "positive." Much luck and well being to, Lamin. We should all hope to be as brave.


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