Improved Infrastructure Interview

Recorded November 15, 2019 Archived November 15, 2019 02:26 minutes
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The infrastructure of countries can be developed if technical education is provided. Learned engineers, builders and architects mean well-planned roads, bridges, underpasses, flyovers and traffic conditions. They can survey the demands and necessities of a particular region and can aim towards perfecting the infrastructure. This might prove extremely beneficial towards the establishment of industries as proper arrangement and construction of sites can be strategically carried out. In addition, the tourism industry can grow if the outlook of city is improved and the technicians can attract the attention of international companies which will inspire the promotion of education internationally as it might create potential jobs for these workers abroad. This, too, will aid the country's economic growth.


The economic growth and development of counties are heavily dependent on technical education as in this era of unemployment, it generates substantial job opportunities and few years of learning and monitored training can guarantee the productivity of the workforce. The establishment of these centres should be considered mandatory as every single contribution and effort can lead the country towards new heights of technological advancement.

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  • Tabitha Simmons

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