"In Search of New Chapters in a Rich Life Story." an interview with Ho-Kwang (Dave) Mao

Recorded January 30, 2019 Archived January 30, 2019 16:07 minutes
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After one spends 50 years with the same organization, what’s next? That’s the question Dave Mao is attempting to answer after a highly-decorated career at the Carnegie Institution for Science. Born in Shangai and raised in Taiwan, Mao came to the US to attend college and found a home at Carnegie at a time when funding was growing for what would be his breakthrough research in geophysics. Despite his long and storied career, Mao is still excited for the future, as he will be moving his work to China’s HPSTA to work with a team of colleagues and students on new ideas and theories. (Recorded 12 December 2018)


  • Ho-Kwang (Dave) Mao
  • Greg Roth