A Better Future

Recorded December 2, 2019 Archived December 2, 2019 17:06 minutes
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My name is Tiffany Huynh (16) and in this interview I spoke with my grandmother, Nguyet Thi Tran (74). In this interview, my grandmother tells stories and memories from her life in Vietnam to when she immigrated her husband and children to America in 1994. She describes what growing up in Saigon, Vietnam was like, along with silly memories from her childhood and teenage years. My grandmother also tells stories about when she met my grandfather and when she had her children, along with the hardships that came along with that. She reveals the struggles that accompanied having her husband taken away due to the communist division in Vietnam and raising her children by herself. Later on, she speaks about my grandfather's emancipation, which allowed the entire family to immigrate to the United States to escape oppression. At the end of the discussion, my grandmother sends a message to future generations that will be listening to her.


  • Tiffany Huynh
  • Nguyet Thi Tran

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