Interview of Professor Mark Chijioke

Recorded October 5, 2018 Archived October 5, 2018 45:03 minutes
Id: APP524943


In December 2017 I had the privilege of interviewing Mark Chijioke. Mark was the first Nigerian dean of the School of Engineering at Nsukka, and also the first Nigerian engineering professor in the country. Amongst many things, he was always an innovator - a skill used during the Biafra war. Mark was fighting on the side of Biafra and was the head of the unit researching and developing arms for the Biafra army. Most people who experienced the Biafra war do not speak much about the events of the war or that period, so it was a real gem to get him on the record about the war. My goal in interviewing Mark was to put on record his life story. I'm grateful he gave me this opportunity.


  • Tayo Oviosu
  • Mark Chijioke

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