Interview with an Immigrant Child

Recorded November 27, 2018 Archived November 27, 2018 09:24 minutes
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From the context of the interview I had with Leslie, a child of undocumented immigrants, I have become more aware of the challenges faced by such children. A recurring theme I noticed from the answers to my questions regarding their experiences was that the most adversity faced by immigrant families have to do with the lack of employment opportunities for the parents that provide sufficient enough income to afford a comfortable, “American dream” style of living. Many immigrant families rely on social welfare programs to aid in providing sustenance, which is something many middle-class families with traditional, Citizen parents don’t often consider. San Antonio is a haven for such families, where the very large population of spanish-speaking Mexican-Americans allow for undocumented immigrants to adapt easily, and find blue-collar jobs almost as easily. However, even a haven for immigrants such as San Antonio cannot protect immigrants and their families all the time.


  • Leslie