Michigan Was Scary for an Iowa Farm Girl - The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Recorded November 21, 2017 Archived November 21, 2017 44:27 minutes
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The evening of November 21st, 2017, Eli Frank (15) sat down with their Grandmother DD (age and last name not provided due to partner request) for an interview. DD told many stories about her life as a child on a farm in the Iowa country-side. She talked about the struggles of moving a lot as a child, from rural to urban and back. Around 13:40 DD talks about her parents and the freedom she learned she had from being able to drive. At 17:50 she talks about the social pressure about getting married, and how it was the 'dumbest decision' in her life. 31:27 Eli's grandmother talked about how it felt to move from Iowa to Michigan so that her husband at the time could go to school. Although around 35:10, the conversation swaps to a happier note, DD remembering one of her favorite memories of her grandchild.


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