Interview with Emily Kiev

Recorded July 23, 2018 Archived July 23, 2018 15:28 minutes
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In this podcast episode, is Emily Kiev talks about her journey and her point of view in the life of an American as she gets interviewed by Iyanah French, an intern from Arts Street’s Journey2Unity project. Emily was born in America but her mother immigrated from Cambodia in Asia. Cambodia suffered a war from 1967-1975. Emily briefly talks of the Cambodian genocide and how she fears for the people in Cambodia.

Emily Kiev is married and has two children. Something Emily has kept from her heritage is the traditional food from Cambodia and now her own daughter tries to cook like her. She tells us about her opinions on immigration and how it has affected her in many ways such as having some of her relatives deported. Emily goes into her passions and memories. She tells us more of how she plans to raise her children in reality rather than giving them a fairy tale illusion.Overall Emily tells us that life can get really tough however she is happy living here in the United States.


  • Iyanah French
  • Emily Kiev
  • Arts Street Youth Employment Academy