Interview with Erionna

Recorded June 27, 2018 Archived June 27, 2018 11:43 minutes
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This interview brings you Erionna, An 18 year old young women who talks about her life in Denver, CO and the change in her community. Erionna explains how she wants to make an impact to those in poverty sometime in the future. Erionna also gives her opinion on immigration, the president and laws here in the U.S.


  • Erionna Tovar
  • Iyanna Frencgh




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00:00 So, my name is Arianna. And what's your name? My name is Ariel. And so, can you tell me about yourself? So I just graduated this year and

00:32 So, how long has your family been here?

00:35 Oh my God. Became.

00:39 Like you wasn't in Mexico, like what he needs to Laredo, Texas when he's like about like 13 or 14 or so. And in about 2, that's when he stopped and started working for a while.

00:59 Then he moved to Colorado.

01:03 And that's when he went like that, I think.

01:11 I don't know. Some ranch in Colorado is like Jason the mountains or something and they met there.

01:21 Yeah, my grandma didn't know Spanish before she met myself, feel like she kind of learned it to be able to communicate with him.

01:32 Interview method for something, we can just edit it out.

01:43 Do you know where your previous family come from?

01:49 I mean girl Laredo.

01:54 Lesson exercise. Right? What changes have you noticed in like an immigration or in like Colorado, Reeves come from? I noticed that a lot of people are asking my immigration is okay. And that a lot of people even a color supporting immigration has given why people like more and more like a state?

02:41 Well.

02:45 I don't know. I just

02:58 What's it like seeing your city change?

03:03 I see Denver being gentrified like everywhere the new buildings that are coming in and you do things aren't really going to help like homelessness or like going to help people like that needs low income places to live because they're making the higher when they make the building higher. And how long have you been in the Super Bowl? And what do you plan on studying? I'm going to be like a therapist engine or some part of me wants to do my bachelor's in human services. And what is there? Something that like desires you were like motivate you to want to accomplish that?

04:01 It's not a lot of kids are not in a good environment. And I know that sometimes you could be in the longest.

04:18 I'm getting kids out of that environment. See family struggling. I think that it's getting harder. Down the street. You see license plates with other states and stuff and you plan on leaving Colorado to like

05:03 Kylie wants to leave Colorado. I was thinking about going to Arizona State University, but I don't think that you're that place.

05:25 I like to.

05:29 I don't know, go on walks and get my dog. And I like, I like painting and doing answering chick such as this one. And what do you like to do when you can?

05:53 Do you have a job? I could have a job at Little Caesar's or talk about something but I'm not going to spend my time doing fast food. I got to do something. I like like doing all the way downtown because even though I like to be in like so I like to sing and stuff like that, but I want to go to a place like where I can be creative with my artistic holding. So I'd rather be working in like a clothes store where I can help people but they're fashion or I would apply out of daycare cuz I want to take care of kids.

06:53 Two brothers and a cousin schedule for like a $7, but on the other side of federal and my grandma still lives there to this day, but when my mom moved out with

07:20 Her boyfriend. Well, now it's our husbands for, like, 7 years, but that's been, it was her boyfriend. And I was really young. We move to go over there and, oh, so we're actually doing a thing it off in the trash.

07:50 Stuffy's, would you take advantage of Blauvelt? But my step dad actually did a mural on the Highway, by the light on the highway is like as a girl. How do you say?

08:16 We went.

08:40 So, you don't know if you don't really see why people down there.

08:47 How did it feel going to finesse type of community? All the communities I ever lived in my life because I do I like being the majority.

08:59 Does anything guide you to make the choices that you made or like, you have anyone who I'm feeling like doing things like this and he liked it. And guess what? When making life decisions? Are you trying to

09:31 I myself. What are some of the best memories you've had from, Colorado.

09:39 I just like the snowboarding and skiing. It's really fun and going on Hikes and stuff like that. And what's your main goal here, Colorado?

09:52 I'm just trying to.

09:56 Finish college and stuff. And I don't have a really big deal right now, but I would like to, like, do something that benefits the community. I feel the same way. I want to open a daycare like, once I become people here in Colorado and when I graduate next year, I plan on leaving state. So if I open a daycare, I'll be able to make sure it's not expensive for their kids in like Burkhead. I'm not going to charge that I would just keep it like $30 like for the time being so I can help people cuz I know there's a lot of people and like, how people stay there for like 3 months. And then once three months, is that like in the meantime,

10:56 Exactly. Was there anything else that you would like me to know?

11:03 Thank you for taking your time out your day. Thank you.

11:14 Are you good? Thank you for giving us energy.

11:32 Dan, so we're going to like we think about life.