Interview with Ismael N.

Recorded October 30, 2018 Archived October 30, 2018 03:05 minutes
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Zipporah R. talks with Ismael N. about his parents' journeys to the United States.


  • Arts Street Youth Employment Academy



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00:00 I'm the poorest tell me about yourself. I like to be out in nature. Are, you know, one of my hobbies is playing video game length, scored really? Just hang out with you sometime. So,

00:20 Where do you like to play? I like to play soccer or football or like Ultimate Frisbee things like that. It's Active Sports. Really?

00:31 Oh, yeah, so they're both Mexican. My mom is from Michoacan song. From Mishicot Mexico. She came here with paper. So she's legal here. But my dad is from Zacatecas and he's illegal here. And so yeah, what type of challenges challenges did your mom face when she came here to see face was the first, like, Shelly's had a home since her dad was already here working. And that's why she came. So, I tell him. She faced that was probably finding a job since you didn't speak English. And also, just like, I guess living here, since she didn't speak English, so she didn't understand it. She had to learn English while she worked at a

01:17 She works up cleaning apartments. So she had a death struggle with that, and they just understanding America really just like first getting to know how to get from work to home. Now, getting lost does understand how things work here since she wasn't from a big town really just from a smaller little.

01:37 I guess the village of people with small group.

01:41 And what about your dad? Well, like my dad, he told me that you had that from what I understand. He came here to to get a job, get more like get to get a job and to be able to help his case that at home. So he came here, you got a job. I think what he struggled with was English to and like just getting to know it. So I'm pretty sure they faced racism final job. He got lucky got a good job. I guess they smell good job. The people are nice day and I'm guessing keep she picked up English better than my mom did since my mom understand that she can really speak it but my dad understands it and can speak it even though he does have an accent.

02:28 How did your parents get here? If you don't mind me asking? It's okay. So my mom came with her, her mom, and they had a paper since, I'm pretty sure my grandpa up and get papers and, well, my dad. He, I think some of his family was already here. But my dad used to find the coyote and the coyote help them cross. So yeah, like if I could he have to cry.

02:56 Can specify really in case I could always still doing this job?

03:01 Okay. So yeah, that's how they got here.