Border to border to boarding school

Recorded November 26, 2017 Archived November 26, 2017 04:52 minutes
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Traveling, boarding school, and even some crazy memories, the many things Jaqui Zerouni and Grace Telegdy discussed in November of 2017. As Grace and Jaqui went into depth about Jaqui’s childhood, as she explains all the amazing differences of living in the Bahamas, Africa, and England through a child’s eyes. From small differences, like holiday activities to the strain on her relationship with her family; Jaqui shares a lot of personal information. Even in the second minute, she tells the stories of having food fights on the plane from boarding school to home in Africa. Growing up in 3 different countries, Jaqui has definitely seen and experienced much more than any usual person.


  • grace telegdy
  • Jaqui Zerouni

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