Interview with Jeffrey Kerrane, by Alexis Kerrane on May 19th, 2019

Recorded May 20, 2019 Archived May 20, 2019 40:14 minutes
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In this interview, conducted in Broomfield, Colorado on May 19th, 2019, Alexis Kerrane interviews her father Jeffrey Kerrane about his life. He shared stories about his political involvement as a high schooler, his experiences with being a law student while watching the OJ Simpson trials, and how his perception of the news coverage of 9/11 changed the way he watches news today. He also talks about his first experience of watching political events on television though the Reagan shooting and the Pope being shot. He explains how the falling of the Berlin Wall was less significant to him than being of draft age during the Second Gulf war. Additionally, he reflects on how his involvement in his fraternity in college heavily shaped his political views at the time, and how his year in El Centro before law school changed his views to switch political parties. Finally, he explains his favorite memory of his childhood and adulthood, and explains the legacy he wishes to leave on the world.


  • Lexi Kerrane
  • Jeffrey Kerrane

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