Interview with Jonathan S.

Recorded June 27, 2018 Archived June 27, 2018 07:31 minutes
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Iyanah F. interviews Jonathan who talks about his family's immigration from Honduras.


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00:00 My name is Arianna. I'm Jonathan. I'm Jonathan. I'm 16 years old, openly gay.

00:19 Do you have an immigration story like where your grandparents came from Honduras, but he came and he got deported.

00:34 How long has your family been here in Colorado? We've been here for?

00:45 Yeah, I make you feel.

00:48 Unequal and like what what type of things would they say to you? If I see anything to get you guys here?

01:04 What do you think about immigrants in general?

01:18 What's it like being your city grow?

01:22 It's interesting because the population is growing and I'm getting to see new structure in Colorado.

01:33 Do you know where your previous family came from? Do you know what language is your family? So have you look deeper into your family history?

01:49 Have you ever helped another immigrant? Do you have citizenship? Like how do you feel about our president was in office right now?

02:06 I'm not a big fan of their pictures because most of the things he has done and have done. And what's one, thing. What's the best thing you've experienced out there?

02:27 On how welcoming most people are there. They're pretty friendly.

02:32 Have you ever brought anything back from where your parents come from, to the United States? If you were president?

02:43 I guess the first thing I would change it for the immigration problems that were having and children being separated from their little things. Is there anything about our president being an office? That scares you?

03:02 Schedule, a lot of my friends family members are here illegally and I do not want to see them because in a way.

03:15 Useless inside. And how do you try to be there for your friends are if anything does happen there?

03:39 Do you think you're going to be more deep if you are born and the organ organ of your what neighborhood in area. Did you grow up in Aurora?

04:12 In a way kind of lace unwelcome because when we did it originally come from Arizona, you know, the new story. I was hoping for a new starting this new faces.

04:35 Can I see like a factory music? Music played a really big part in my life. It's an outlet because there is so much stress and stuff. It's going to be around me when I get upset and music helps me calm down. Like it brings me back to a happy place. So I understand what are the some of the

05:11 The folding open 24/7. What is one thing that they have in, Arizona.

05:22 What was your main goal when you came to, Colorado?

05:33 Is there anything else you want me to know?

05:40 How did your family get to be nice?

05:44 Are we from Arizona? The way kind of?

05:59 For the end of chili has. And then from there, he took of something.

06:09 Yeah, he did, you know.

06:14 Or did you not know anyone? I did not know.

06:23 I feel like what they're doing is wrong and how we should just going to be more opening. How many years has your dad been here?

06:39 One year. Does he have citizenship?

06:48 How does it make you feel knowing that your dad doesn't have?

06:57 Are you close? Are you and your taxes?

07:12 Okay. Well, thanks for taking your time out as good.